ePayments for business: new horizons for small enterprises

For every entrepreneur engaged in business in the online sphere, the monthly outpayment of agents’ commission, dividends and fees for remote workers can become a real headache.

Fees, charges, long delays for receiving funds, a muddle in the books due to using several partners of different payment systems…Unfortunately, many businesses still have not discovered a useful payment service that provides ample opportunities for transferring funds in one click to bank cards and to electronic wallets, without limits and fees.

Especially for businessmen and women still living in the gloom of ignorance and paying excess fees: our guide for using the ePayments service. A service already preferred by more than 500 companies and 300 thousand clients from all over the world.

Convenient ways to add funds

Indeed, the convenience of adding funds to your own account is an important element when working with a payment system. Adding funds to an account in the ePayments system is possible in a number of ways: wire transfer, payment with cryptocurrency or transactions from a WebMoney purse to an ePayments card. All of these methods entail minimal fees and maximum convenience.

Salary project

Outsourcing part of the workforce and saving on maintaining an office is a prudent measure for optimising a company’s expenses. A designer, copywriter, internet-marketer and PR specialist can perfectly fulfil their functions remotely, remaining in constant contact and coordinating their efforts by using a common chat room in a messaging app. In order to pay remote workers the fees they have earned it is by no means necessary to pass through all the steps of accountancy hell. For an employer to be able to make mass payments in one click he or she simply needs to have a business account in the ePayments system.

Paying agentscommission and fees

Affiliate networks, freelance marketplaces, Forex marketplaces, binary options- these are just some of the businesses which need to regularly make outpayments to their partners.

Indeed, with such types of mass payments you want, on the one hand, to make them both as conveniently and transparently as possible, and on the other- to avoid paying extra fees. Our service guarantees both of these. Mass payments to ePayments e-Wallets are exempt from all fees, and for outpayments to other payment systems and bank accounts we offer the lowest possible fees. Want to pay in one click? There is always our API at your disposal, which makes all payments practically instantaneous.

Branded ePayments Prepaid MasterCard with your company’s logo

The ePayments Prepaid MasterCard is a reliable means for paying for goods and services and for withdrawing cash anywhere in the world.

Have you wanted to treat your employees or business partners to a payment card with a unique design? The ePayments Prepaid MasterCard cards excellently fulfil this multifunctional role of a business gift, advantageous both in terms of image as well as in everyday practicality. The ePayments Prepaid MasterCard cards are issued in major global currencies, are accepted in any corner of the world and can be sent to a client within a few days.

Merchant service

The ePayments merchant service is an excellent way to organise receiving funds directly on your website from ePayments e-Wallets. An individual approach and flexible integration via API. What could be better for a business, startup or crowdfunding? Our service’s fees for receiving payments are just 1% of the amount transferred, and transactions can be seen in real-time in your personal area.

An account on the ePayments system can be opened in just a few seconds. As soon as you upload the necessary documents and pass through a verification procedure you receive access to a multi-function financial service, including the opportunity to make mass payments, pay for services and withdraw funds to ePayments plastic cards, which can be sent for free to their purchaser to any corner of the globe.

The situation is ideal when the payee (for example, an outsourced employee) is also a client of the ePayments system. In this case the fee owed to him or her is received instantly and without any fees, and the funds can be withdrawn at any ATM with his or her ePayments card. But if the remote worker, client or partner has still not discovered the charms of our payment service- never mind. With ePayments for business it is possible to transfer funds to bank accounts, WebMoney purses and even convert them to cryptocurrencies.

It is also possible to send a transfer by phone number or email address. In this case the user will receive a message that a transfer has been made to his or her name. In order to receive the money, all he or she needs to do to sign up for an account on the ePayments system.

Want to know more about how the ePayments service works for business? All of the benefits and tariffs are available by following the link:

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