Tired of boring office routines and ready to start your own business? Or maybe you already work for yourself but fear and doubt are keeping you from achieving something big?

In this article you will find 6 useful tips which will mainly benefit those who wish to make a bold step and become a successful manager not only for him/herself, but for others.

Switching from working as a manager to creating your own business is not as simple as it seems. In order to be successful an entrepreneur needs something more than desire, drive and luck. Primarily a clear understanding is needed about what it is you want and what you are prepared to sacrifice for your goals. Furthermore, you need to have a competitive advantage and love what you do. All of this will help you to overcome difficulties on the road to your dream.

When you become a manager yourself, you will not only change your views on managing people, but also on managing yourself. The following 6 pieces of advice will help you to avoid many errors and become a successful leader.

TIP 1. Every employee is important

Your employees should love their work as much as you do. Otherwise you will not be able to motivate them with the possibility of large monetary bonuses, nor with extended holidays, nor with employee benefits. Select for your team only those who are devoted to their work, who thirst for change and share your values and goals.

TIP 2. Pay attention to feedback

Of course, it is not advised to blindly follow all advice and recommendations you will receive during the development of your business. Some of them will be trivial, some useless, and some harmful. Remember that the best advice you will receive will be from your very own employers and clients. It is precisely they who can give you useful recommendations on how to implement the necessary changes which will help you to take your business to the next level.

TIP 3. Trust your intuition

Despite our tip to heed the advice of others, there are situations when it is best to trust your own intuition, even if everyone around you believes that you are not headed in the right direction. Know when to use feedback from others and when to march to the beat of your own drum.

TIP 4. Be prepared to walk in everyone’s shoes

Of course, the title “founder” may proudly shine out on your business card, but remember that if ink suddenly runs out for the printer or the internet connection disappears, it is precisely you who is responsible for solving even the most minor of issues.

From founders to janitors and back- be prepared to walk in everyone’s shoes. If you want your team to stay with you even during tough times, show them a good example.

TIP 5. Manage yourself

Managing a business starts with creating a strong team and correctly delegating tasks. But if you cannot manage yourself, you will go bankrupt faster than your business can stand on its own two feet.

A permanent lack of sleep, quickly eating on the go and other harmful habits will permanently sabotage your success. If a manager cannot organise their own day, they will not be able to manage others. Try to clearly plan your time, paying attention to both your work as well as to recovering your energy.

TIP 6. Choose only the best

And the last tip: choose for yourself and for your employees only the best. This tip concerns everything- from choosing an office to a payment system. For example, ePayments allows you to make instant mass payments without any fees. Furthermore, you can order an ePayments card with which you can withdraw your funds as cash and pay for goods and services across the world. Competitive fees, transparent conditions of use and lasting solutions- reach new heights with a reliable partner!

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