How to use ePayments for free

From the start we’ve been offering ePayments Prepaid Mastercard® cards for 35 USD and maintenance fee was charged once a year at the same cost. During our service we have learnt that annual fee causes inconvenience.

Based on your feedback we’ve created new structure you surely will be pleased to hear.

Now we offer the following:

  • ePayments Prepaid Mastercard® card price – 5.95 USD for a USD card, and 4.95 EUR for a Euro card;
  • monthly maintenance fee – 2.9 USD / 2.4 EUR per month.

If you order a card by the 1st June, the first two months of card maintenance will be free of charge!

On top of that, you can still continuously use your card for FREE! Here is how:

When you make purchases for 300 USD/EUR on a dollar or Euro card in one month – the next month’s card maintenance  will be free of charge.

For those who have already paid a yearly maintenance fee, the transition to the new payment system will take place when the paid maintenance period expires.

Stay in touch! We are going to present more useful features soon.

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