Placing an order for a debit card. Online application

A debit card is in essence a replacement for paper money. Instead of a wad of dollars, euros or roubles you can use one small plastic card which can fit easily in your pocket or wallet. Furthermore funds on its account are securely protected by modern technologies.

All of this makes debit cards not only a convenient, but a safe instrument for making and receiving payments. It’s no surprise that in many European countries the quantity of cards is higher than that of the population, meaning that a single person may choose from several payment tools at any one time.

Advantages of debit cards

Debit cards do not allow for using a bank’s money, i.e. an overdraft, which is the case for credit cards. The customer independently transfers money to his/her account and receives funds from others, and then can use them with the card for the following:

  • Paying bills;
  • Transferring funds to other cards;
  • Adding funds to an account for a mobile phone or an internet provider ;
  • Paying in online stores;
  • Withdrawing cash.

The only disadvantage of such an way of using money is the necessity to maintain close contact with a bank. For today’s busy, time-pressed individual this involves spending precious time, which in turn makes an alternative necessary. This is exactly what ePayments offers.

How can I place an order for a debit card online through ePayments?

The creators of ePayments took great care to provide maximum convenience for users. There are no queues, no time wasted and no expensive fees. Everything is conducted in a strictly regulated legal framework.

To place an order for a card you need to register on ePayments. This procedure does not require a lot of time as it all takes place on the standard version of the website.

When you receive access to your personal account you will be able to complete the process of ordering a debit card. You can do this on the “Cards and Accounts” page which can be accessed from the main menu. You will then need to click on “Order”, specifying which card currency you need: dollars or euros.

Delivery will take from 3-6 weeks to the address provided. After receiving the card by post you must activate it on the website. You can revive your PIN code by calling the number on the back of the card or online from your account.

Advantages of ordering and using an ePayments debit card.

The advantages are clear:

  • The entire order process takes place online, meaning you do not have to visit a bank;
  • Each stage requires minimum time to be spent;
  • Cards are delivered for free by standard delivery;
  • Card issue costs €29 or $35;
  • First year of care maintenance is free;
  • From second year card maintenance fee will be €29 or $35;
  • Adding funds to your electronic wallet (e-Wallet) or ePayments card is free;
  • ATM withdrawal fee: $2,6 or €2,4;
  • It is possible to buy and sell Bitcoins and other electronic currencies;
  • It is possible to link the card to your WebMoney purse

As a result, you receive a high-quality payment tool which you can order online, without having to leave the comfort of your home or your workplace. ePayments: an effective way to solve the challenges of modern life!

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