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ePayments in numbers

ePayments is now a global force in digital payments. The services it provides benefit small businesses and individuals around the world as the shift away from traditional banking and physical cash accelerates.

To show the impact ePayments is having on the digital payments space and how its services are helping customers, here are some numbers to prove it:

  • 643,445 customers

  • More than £3.55 billion in payments processed in 2017

  • 8 years old, founded in 2011

  • 5 industry accreditations (FCA, Mastercard Principal Member, SWIFT User, SEPA Member and PCI DSS Certified)

  • Integrates with 3 digital wallets (WebMoney, Yandex.Money, QIWI)

  • Services available in 3 languages (English, Spanish and Russian)

  • Provides services to more than 1,000 businesses

  • International SWIFT transfers in 4 major currencies: (Russian roubles, US dollars, pounds sterling and euros)

  • Local transfer to bank accounts in 13 currencies: Bangladeshi taka, Brazilian real, Canadian dollars, pounds sterling, Hong Kong dollars, Indonesian rupiah, India rupees, Japanese yen, Philippine peso, Russian roubles, Swedish krona, Thai baht, Vietnamese dong)

  • Support transfers in euros by IBAN in 168 countries

  • Instantly send funds in more than 35 currencies to local bank accounts in any country

  • 3 ways to gain e-commerce capabilities via ePayments Merchant Service (EMS)

As you can see from above, ePayments is serving numerous businesses and individuals around the world with a wide range of functionality. With more features added all the time, the benefits of being an ePayments customer will only expand over time.

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ePayments in numbers
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