ePayments Payment Services are changed - FAQ

At ePayments we believe that asking the right question is half the answer.

There's great power in enquiry – in asking the right questions to seek understanding, create breakthrough change, or improve customer support, getting clarity. Growth happens when the right questions are asked.

Most people understand that if you don’t ask the right questions, you can’t get the right answers

At ePayments we like to ask questions, some are simple while others are sophisticated, but asking questions is something we started doing a long time ago that helped to drive our growth, and improved operational efficiency. Persisting through the complexity of regulatory processes has helped us to better understand and match to our customer expectations; to reach you with the right tone and answers.

Therefore, we took the time to look at all the questions our customers have sent, thought about the drivers of such questions, and selected the right questions that could be of use to enlighten our customers, because ultimately, there are no right answers to the wrong questions.

As we’ve gone through the pile of questions, feedback and emails that customers from around the globe have sent us, we can say that customers are eager to either start working with us again, get their refund or are missing some of the old products and services we once had that are temporarily disabled.

We want to be close to our customers and develop a transparent relationship that’s supported by values like respect, that promotes an honest relationship for the future ahead. We selected a batch of the “right questions” that can help several customers at once, and we’re listing below the most often asked questions and our point of view or answers at this moment of time.

Hopefully this will bring some needed clarity and peace of mind to those among you who can’t wait any longer to start using ePayments again, get a refund or get access to your account.

Moving forward in the spirit of transparency, to keep all our customers in the loop, we’re going to share an article on our own reflections on some of the most frequently asked questions from time to time, hopefully the “right questions”, so that we answer only the missing half-answers, because the right question is half the answer ;)

January Top 5 Questions

Question about Refunds: Why are you withholding my money if the regulator lifted restrictions on your company?

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) lifted the restrictions on ePayments, and we couldn't wait any longer to share the news with you. We promptly released this news to all our customers, however, there are still some operational things to do and technology systems to restart. These include our business partnerships who serve the ePayments network and enable us to process customer funds, whether it be refunds or normal operational payments, to customers all over the globe.

Please rest assured we’re doing our best to expand the refunds as fast as we can so our customers will get their money as soon as possible. You should expect to receive an email when the refunds are available to you. Please be assured that your money is protected and safeguarded, and we are eager to return it to you.

Question about Payment Services: When will ePayments support digital assets investment (crypto) related services?

We support the vision around crypto products and services; we understand that cryptocurrency and blockchain will become more relevant than ever. The growing adoption indicates there’s a place and role for crypto in the future, so we’re actively working to return and give the opportunity for our customers to use these products. Sadly, it’s too soon to announce any timeframes, as we’re currently undergoing a licence application in several geographies to be able to better serve our global customers.

We truly hope we can offer you this in the near future, hopefully one that’s not too far away. You can help us to move faster into this direction by letting us know how much you want digital cryptocurrency to pay and get paid, so we can evidence the priority of getting this new service and products to market.

Question about Account Closure: How can I close my account, e.g. if I disagree with the new T&Cs?

We understand that announced changes to the new T&Cs and services we’re going to provide our customers may no longer meet your needs. We’re truly sorry that you’ve decided to leave ePayments, but it’s your right to close your account that you have with us.

The account closure service is temporarily unavailable in our app/web as we're still working on getting these fully operational, but you can send your enquiry to our support team. We will record and process your request as soon as we are in a position to do so.

Question about Back to Business: Why can't I make (P2P) transfers to other individuals?

We've been on the edge of the industry for almost two years and as we all know the world around us is changing rapidly. Our mission is to get our service back as quickly as possible. That’s why we’ve made the decision to switch off transfers between individuals, and this is a temporary measure to test our risk and compliance framework.

Once we’re sure we’re doing it right, we will review this payment option. So for now if you have a personal account you won’t be able to send internal transfers to other personal account holders of the system, and withdrawals will be only available on your personal linked account. That said, you can still receive payments from companies to top up your e-Wallet.

Question about Back to Business: Will I be able to use my ePayments card again?

We've been getting a lot of questions asking when you’ll be able to use your ePayments card. We also understand how essential it was for you to use our payment card from across the globe. One of our top priorities is to get this service back to you on the same terms. We’re actively working with MasterCard to reinstate our card program and expect this service to be available once operations within the system are fully restored.

ePayments Payment Services are changed - FAQ
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