Starting Refunds. Update

“We are delighted to announce that we have now successfully enabled our first batch of customers to receive refunds, the process was initiated on Wednesday 17th March, with more refunds happening every day. That's one small step for ePayments, one giant leap for our customers!

You may ask: What does this mean for me? Is this genuine? Will it take months or years to complete? Will I ever get my money back? Will I be able to use my account again?

Let’s be clear, this is not a trick or a scam – this is real, it’s happening now, and if you provide the necessary information that’s being requested by our customer support agents, it will happen in a fast and smooth way. We have commenced the phased reopening of our ePayments business and that’s starting with refunds. But hang-on because we’ve also been preparing improvements in many areas of the business, in preparation for re-opening to Business As Usual, that’s also coming soon!

Please be confident to follow the process when you are invited to do so and provide us with the information requested. Please carefully read the email and the requirements being asked for you to provide back to us, as getting the right information sent to us will make it easier and faster. The sooner you respond and provide all the information, the faster you will be able to access your funds and be able to use your account again.

To be clear for all: four stages need to commence, and will run simultaneously once launched:

  • Stage 1 – faster refunds for customers with balances less than Eur150 (already commenced);
  • Stage 2 – refunds for customers where known information allows for standard refunds (expected to commence very soon);
  • Stage 3 – refunds for all other customers (likely to be a couple of weeks later after Stage 2 commences);
  • Stage 4 – fully open for Business As Usual (we will keep you informed on progress).

You may ask: How can I get my money back? What are the available payment channels?

Our process is that refunds from your account must be paid out only to an account held in your name. So it is required that you undergo the process of linking this account following the system's guidance. Once you login to your account, you’re going to have visible all the payment channels that are available for your selection, please choose the most suitable option for you.

You may ask: Which stage will I be in?... Why am I in a later stage? ...What can I do to speed up the process?... Why the delay between stages?

In simple terms , the 3 groups of customers are:

  • Stage 1 - lower balances
  • Stage 2- lower risks
  • Stage 3 – everyone else

We're going to start processing everyone as fast as we are able to do so, which ultimately depends on how fast and effective you are in providing the requested information once requested. Even when you’ve got your refund, please do provide all the information, as that will be needed to enable you to use your account when we open for Business As Usual.

Please understand that after each stage we're going to undergo a brief process where we liaise with our regulator to confirm we can move to the next available stage, so there will be a delay to enable the regulator to review what we have done.

We continue to be very committed to our customers and we're doing our best to resolve the final steps, we expect that all our efforts will soon be recognized and allow the business to be open for Business As Usual.

Thank you again for your patience, and we look forward to providing you with excellent service again

Starting Refunds. Update
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