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The latest innovations from ePayments

Since its creation in 2011 and the first version of ePayments.com, which offered customers personal payments, and capabilities such as wire transfer receipts and allowed clients to withdraw and load money onto their own cards, ePayments has strived to meet customer requirements through innovation.

This approach continues to today, with new capabilities added by the last months. Here are some of the latest developments in ePayments offerings:

SWIFT payments in pounds sterling

ePayments customers can now make SWIFT payments in pounds sterling to colleagues, clients and suppliers across the globe. Using the SWIFT secure messaging system, payments can be made directly into bank accounts.
For those businesses with workforces or suppliers that require payments in pounds sterling, this new payment option means reliable and fast payments. The fee for each transfer is 0.5 per cent, with a minimum payment of €15, $15 or ₽900.

To make use of this service, customers should select ‘Payments and Transfers’ on their ePayments portal, then ‘To a bank account’. They then select the destination country and pounds sterling as the transfer currency.

ePayments card for EEA customers

Having worked closely with Mastercard to re-evaluate its services, ePayments is now able to offer European Economic Area residents or passport holders the benefits of its ePayments prepaid card.

Customers benefit from the fact that the card is seamlessly linked with their e-wallet, along with transparent fees and the opportunity to spend their money wherever Mastercard is accepted.

To order a card, customers should fill in the necessary details and, once approved, will receive the card in the post.

TARGET2 integration expands IBAN capability to 168 countries

ePayments has integrated with the TARGET2 payment system, meaning customers can receive fast and secure IBAN euro payments from 168 countries.
The TARGET2 system is faster than the traditional SEPA payment methods and is supported by more countries outside of the Eurozone.

Customers don’t need to do anything different other than giving their existing personal IBAN number to the payer. As long as the payment is made from a TARGET2 participating bank, it will be quickly and efficiently processed.

Mobile app verification

In response to customer requests, a new version of ePayments app allows customers to get verified for payments through their phones.

This means ePayments app users can complete the full verification process entirely from their phones.

To use this feature, customers need to download or update the ePayments app on their phones.

Local transfers to British dependencies

Following numerous requests, customers can now make local pound sterling transfers to Gibraltar, Isle of Man, Guernsey and Jersey. The cost of each transfer is €2.5, $3 or ₽200, depending on preferred currency.

To make use of this service, customers can select the relevant currency they’d like to transfer in their ePayments portal.

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The latest innovations from ePayments
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