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ePayments Card Now Available to EEA Customers

We’re delighted to announce that our card programme is back online for EEA customers. Having worked closely with mastercard to reevaluate our services, we’re now able to offer EEA residents or passport holders the great benefits of our ePayments card.

Signing up couldn’t be simpler. To order a card, just fill in the necessary details and, once approved, we’ll get one out to you in the post.
Top-up from cryptocurrencies will not be accepted. However, customers can still benefit from a card that’s seamlessly linked with their eWallet, transparent fees and the opportunity to spend their money wherever mastercard is accepted.

We’re continuing to work with mastercard to bring our ePayments card to even more customers around the world and offer new features for everyone to enjoy.

We’ll keep all customers updated as we continue to bring more card services to our platform.

The ePayments Team

ePayments team

ePayments team

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ePayments Card Now Available to EEA Customers
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