Update on our progress so far

We would like to provide you with the latest update we have with regards to our progress with remediation activities. In this update we will post some information which we hope will help customers run through the process faster.

Our progress on customers contacted

We continue to increase the number of customers we are contacting.
We have already contacted several groups of personal accounts and now we’re working with them in terms of collecting the information we need to move towards enabling access to funds. We will continue to extend the number of customers to be contacted.

We’ve also started contacting corporate customers. There are more steps to take in order to review our corporate customers in comparison to personal accounts so we will need some more time to make sure we process everything correctly. We soon plan to extend the number of corporate accounts to be contacted.

Some stumbling blocks during remediation the process - personal accounts

We have noticed a few areas where our customers struggle during the remediation process and we would like to provide some tips to help avoid these mistakes.

Your personal data

As the first step of the remediation, we will show you the personal data we have on file for you.

Please make sure that:

  • Your name is written in latin exactly as it’s written in your ID document (international ID document): no spelling errors and no typos
  • Your name is placed correctly in fields: your first name is written in the “First name” field and the last name - in the “Last name” field
  • Your address is complete and correct
  • Make sure home/apartment number is specified & correct.
    If you notice a mistake during the first step of the remediation, the system allows you to make a change.

Identity verification

  • During the identity verification process please make sure you upload a document which does meet our requirements (available in the drop down menu during the verification process)

Proof of address (POA) verification

Here are some tips which will help you get through this stage faster:

  • we do not accept local passports as a proof of address
  • we do not accept printed out documents. If you received an electronic document, please provide it to us in the same format (if you have received a printed document in the post, this is acceptable)
  • make sure your name, address and the date of issue show clearly on the document
  • please upload a document which is on our list of acceptable documents

Please also note:

  • The document should be the original document i.e. not a screenshot
  • The document should not be older than 6 months old
  • The document should not be blurry
  • The document should be in your name
  • The document should be authenticated i.e. QR code, stamp, signed etc.

Our list of acceptable documents

  • Utility Bill
    This can be any of the following: Electricity Bill, Gas Bill, Water Bill, Fixed landline telephone.
  • Bank or Credit Card Statement (not a prepaid card)
    The statement must show transactional history
  • Certificate of Voter Registration
  • Government-issued correspondence
    Can include, but not limited to tax return/assessment documentation, notification of benefits etc. Legal document from a Court
Update on our progress so far
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