Update on the pause of providing refunds

We would like to provide you with the latest update we have regarding our progress with the process of solvent wind-down of ePayments.

There has been a temporary pause on the refund process since October 2022 when we started a review which the regulator, the Financial Conduct Authority (“FCA”) was aware of. This internal review is necessary to ensure that our refund process is consistent with our legal obligations. We have been working hard to refresh customer information in accordance with the relevant KYC regulations.

We have already started contacting customers with pending refund transactions in order to confirm any changes in their KYC information, we will reach out to all customers who hold funds with ePayments. Once you receive the request please read it carefully and provide information according to the mentioned requirements as responding with irrelevant or inaccurate information will delay our review and the overall refund process. We will appreciate a prompt response and will do our best to conduct checks for your account as soon as we receive it.

We’ve taken significant steps forward with our wind-down plan, and we thank you for your incredible patience and continued cooperation during this stage.

We understand that not having access to your funds may be challenging, we will keep everyone informed of our progress through our website, customer emails and the ticket system - if you have any questions in the meantime however, please feel free to contact our Customer Support team who would be happy to assist.

Thank you,
ePayments team

Update on the pause of providing refunds
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