Bonus programme update

Do you use our bonus programme? If not, then you have a reason to join. We have updated the look and feel of the programme and added useful features.

ePayments card promotion

Until 9 October, you can order ePayments cards with a 50% discount: $2.95 and €2.45.

New languages and transfers to bank accounts in RUB

For ePayments there are no boundaries. We have taken another step to full openness and globality- we have added Spanish and Portuguese. And now we say Hola and Olá to our customers!

Transfers to any WebMoney wallet

Today we have added transfers from the ePayments wallet to any WebMoney wallet. Previously you could only transfer funds from an ePayments card to your WM wallet. Now you can send money between purses directly, including in the new currency WMR.

Fully redesigned ePayments app for Android

We did it! We are pleased to present you our brand new design for the ePayments mobile application.

How to use ePayments for free

From the start we’ve been offering ePayments Prepaid Mastercard® cards for 35 USD and maintenance fee was charged once a year at the same cost. During our service we have learnt that annual fee causes inconvenience.