Fully redesigned ePayments app for Android

We did it! We are pleased to present you our brand new design for the ePayments mobile application.

How to use ePayments for free

From the start we’ve been offering ePayments Prepaid Mastercard® cards for 35 USD and maintenance fee was charged once a year at the same cost. During our service we have learnt that annual fee causes inconvenience.

3D-Secure for internet payments

Today we’re pleased to announce that all payments made with MasterCard SecureCode, will be completed via a 3D-Secure protocol.

We received PCI DSS level 1

We are happy to announce that ePayments received the highest level of compliance with the standard for secure processing, storage and transmission of cardholder data – PCI DSS level 1.

How can I adjust my remote team’s work for the best possible performance? Advice for managers

How can I manage people if they all work remotely? How can I increase the loyalty of an employee who works only 10 hours a week for us? These questions burn in the minds of many managers whose team either partially or fully is comprised of specialists working either remotely or part-time. In this article

Tips for aspiring traders. How can I choose a broker on Forex?

To make profitable deals in the foreign currency market each aspiring trader must choose a reliable intermediary- a broker. Nowadays on Forex there are hundreds of brokers, each one declaring that he or she offers the best terms and conditions. But how can you avoid making a mistake in choosing the most reliable broker?